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If you are doing estate planning, conveying end of life information, writing a last will and testament, gathering obituary information, or even planning your funeral; planning long term care, preparing your executor, providing advance directives, living wills, or creating a healthcare power of attorney, or writing your own ethical will; if you have thought enough to pre-plan, there is only one thing left to do…



Remove all the guessing about “what you would have wanted” …


Even if you have done all of your legal planning and have all your documents complete, in the hours after your death your loved ones still need to know…


Roger McManus
Planner Press
2627 Grimsley Street
Greensboro, NC 27403

Friday August 05, 2005

Dear Friend,

If you’d like to leave your family with peace of mind that:

at the end of your life they have done things according to your wishes,
you have made absolutely certain they know exactly where all of your important documents are,
you have answered all the questions you could never include in your will, and
they have the peace of mind knowing that your final tribute will reflect your life the way you want it,

then, this is a very important letter. Please read it carefully!

Hi. my name is Roger McManus. I have created this important system because I have seen the impact on the families who did not have something like it. I have also seen the benefits for those who have. While none of the issues addressed in these pages are earth-shattering by themselves, in aggregate, they represent the most comprehensive list of end-of-life questions that exist today. I promise you will discover dozens of questions and say, “I wouldn’t have thought of that!” Read this letter and see if you don’t start to understand what I am talking about.

Here’s why:

From harsh personal experience and tons of research, I have developed a system for detailing your every intention so your family will know exactly what you want to happen after you have died. It gives you a place to clearly record every tiny detail of your estate, the location of documents, your preferences for your funeral and even who should be informed.

More important than being a place to record your wishes, it asks dozens of questions few people think to ask!! Everything from Where is the will? to Who gets the cat? Just the fact that you would think to write everything down in such an organized way will be, in itself, a tribute to your life. It will give great peace to your loved ones — and, maybe, keep the peace among them, too!

Now, I know you probably have never thought much about many of these things. Most people haven’t either. It is very common. That is why I created

From Here to Hereafter: Everything My Family Needs to Know.

The contents of this system came largely from my personal experience and include interviews with professionals in the legal, insurance, mortuary and financial planning fields. Not interviews about their products, but about stories of people who planned — and those who did not. The key was how their planning, or lack thereof, affected their families when they died. Too many families knew too little.

Three Examples (from my own family) of Why This is Important:

Example One: My father died after a six-year battle with Lou Gherig’s disease. During those years we all knew how it would end. Given that knowledge, Dad created a little notebook that let my mother know everything she would need to know when he was not around to ask. It gave my mother (and me!) great confidence in executing his wishes and maintaining his financial plan. It was this little notebook I used as the starting point for the system that is now available to your family, too.

Example Two: By contrast, my mother-in-law sat down on her couch one day and took a nap from which she did not awaken. Not only had she not written anything down, her will – if it was, in fact, her most recent one – was written 25 years ago. All named executors had been dead over ten years. To make things even more challenging, she had all sorts of unrecorded loans to one of her adult children (not my wife!). Deals which rendered the estate bankrupt. The resulting havoc and finger-pointing thoroughly, and probably permanently, destroyed her family within hours of the funeral.

Example Three: My uncle is 85; my aunt is 72. Their grandmother (my great-grandmother) owned an antique silver plate. Both my aunt and uncle seem to have some real or imagined claim over it. And, it has been a bone of family contention for over 40 years! Not a real fight, just an undercurrent that will not go away. Perhaps a similar tension has occurred in your own family.

It is examples such as these and dozens of others that I uncovered during my extensive research into the subject that led me to create a system for conveying exactly what you want to have happen at the end of your life. By the end of this letter, you will have a thorough understanding of things, some of which, you probably never considered. Let me tell you why it is important.

Here is a Summary of the Benefits
to You and Your Loved Ones:

Here to Hereafter keeps all of your documents, facts and wishes in one easy-to-find place.WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: Any death is stressful on the survivors. Not having to search for information is a gift and a blessing.
Here to Hereafter keeps your medical records in a readily available form. [Section 2]WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: Those who desperately want to help you will have critical information at that critical time.
Here to Hereafter documents your financial information so it’s organized and in an understandable fashion. [Section 3]WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: Your loved ones will avoid countless hours reassembling your affairs and managing your estate.
Here to Hereafter keeps your insurance papers — life, health, long-term care — where they are locatable if you are not able to help find them. Even if you keep the thick policies stored somewhere else, you can put copies of the first pages in the Here to Hereafter binder with instructions where to find the full documents. [Section 8]WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT:You can remove the possible frustration of your family by letting them know exactly what coverages you have and where the documents are.
Here to Hereafter keeps all of your real estate documents in a single location. [Section 4]WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: Your executor’s task will be greatly simplified — your family will not be in turmoil searching.

Here to Hereafter allows YOU to decide who receives your “stuff”; the things you could never detail in a will. [Section 5]WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: Your will can be only so detailed. A full inventory of your possessions and your preferred disposition of them will reduce the minor — or major — disagreements over who gets what.

Here to Hereafter helps you keep the peace even after you are gone. [Section 5]WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: You know how your kids may have had difficulty picking an appropriate birthday or Christmas gift for you? Imagine your family trying to decide “what you would have wanted” about so many important matters — when the answers are needed immediately!
Here to Hereafter provides a place to list everyone who should be informed of your passing. [Section 7]WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: Nothing is so hurtful as to not be informed of the death of someone important to you. Your family may not know all of those people who should be informed.
Here to Hereafter offers you a place to clearly document your business assets and your instructions for their transition. [Section 4] WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: If you have planned for a transition of your business assets, it is important for all concerned to know of your strategy — and where to find it.
Here to Hereafter includes a first-steps-to-take checklist. [Front Pocket]WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: The stress of the moment can create great anxiety. Make it easy for your loved ones to know exactly what to do and whom to call — and how to contact them.
Here to Hereafter provides a place to express your final wishes, clearly and factually. From your preferred method of interment to the music at your service, your opinions count! [Section 9]WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: Guessing about these matters is too much to ask of your family at such an emotional time. And, there is a good chance not everyone will agree. Tell them clearly so there is no guesswork.
Here to Hereafter has a specific section for your will. [Section 10]WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: This is one document that must be located quickly — and with certainty that it is the most recent version.
Here to Hereafter offers an optional, attractive but rugged, storage binder with twelve sections for safely keeping your information and important papers. It provides space for you to record the information as well as a place for the key related documents. WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: Your binder will sit discretely on a bookshelf until it is needed. Then your family will have a single place to go to for everything they need to know — only when they need to know.
TheHere to Hereafter storage binder has a patented PanaVu® pull-out design that “accordions-out” making organization clear and simple.WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: This is easy for you and easy for your loved ones when they need information in an ultra-organized form.
Here to Hereafter is easy to update.WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: Things change. You can add-to, subtract-from and update the information in your binder as often as you wish. Pages are loose-leaf so it is easy to make copies.
Here to Hereafter allows you to seal your documents for your privacy. A label bearing your signature is placed across the binder flap. (Your binder includes several so you can open and reseal your binder as necessary.)WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: You may write everything down for your family to know, but you do so only for the time when they need to know. It does not make your affairs an ‘open book’. While the seal won’t prevent entry, it is designed so only you can replace it (it’s your signature) — so you will know immediately if your binder has been tampered with.

Now, you’re probably wondering how and why we go into such exhaustive detail in this system…

Let me explain:

You will find lots of checklists offered by funeral homes and advance planning services. You can even find some free on the Internet. But, they all fall short when it comes to providing the critical information for your family at their time of greatest need. I have gone to great lengths to assure that this is the most comprehensive system available anywhere!

Here to Hereafter is a highly flexible document system that will organize answers to almost every question a family will have about the intentions and legal affairs of the family member who has died (or who is otherwise not capable of conveying his or her wishes). While it includes a place to record the answers, more importantly it asks the questions — most of which people never think to ask. Things like:

What do you really want your funeral to be like?

Here to Hereafter provides all the details of what you want when you die. Answers to questions about everything from Burial or Cremation?, Type of Casket?, Flower preference?, Music preference?, Grave Marker preferences?, down to the details of what you think should be included in your obituary.

You are generous and trusting. Help your family track down all those things you loaned — or let them know to leave well enough alone.

Here to Hereafter has forms for detailing the location of everything you own and have loaned to others. No longer will there be any nagging questions about what got lost in the shuffle.

If you always wanted your sister to have that pearl ring…

Here to Hereafter eliminates the mystery of who said what to whom. The Will is a generalized document. Take the opportunity to say what you mean while she is alive — and record it. Here to Hereafter provides forms for every important asset and its intended disposition.

Your family knows you have a Living Will. Do they know where it is?

Here to Hereafter provides a totally secure way to know exactly where every important document is — including a copy of the Will. Written instructions and legal documents are all together in a single volume.

Don’t take my word for it — I wrote the system.

Listen to what others have to say…

Every attorney that deals with estate planning should know about this wonderful tool and share it with his or her clients.

James Snyder, Attorney, Lexington, NC

I cannot imagine how much easier our lives would have been had my mother completed even half of the questions in this system. We searched for days to find documents — and still never found some important ones. The State had to decide things our family should have. Patsy Hayes, Entrepreneur, Greensboro, NC

Anyone who has had the foresight to do advance planning for their own funeral would find this a natural extension of that caring for their family.Carol Abrahamson, Home Design Consultant, Sedona, AZ

I can’t imagine what my kids would do if I left it up to them to be fair with each other. I wish it were different, but they are pretty competitive. Unless I provide a little guidance, they might not ever come to a peaceful resolution. This volume makes it so easy. They may not all agree with my decisions, but it’s my stuff. This will go a long way toward keeping the peace.Ginnie Bivona, Publisher, Dallas, TX

We all learned a lesson when Terri Schaivo’s wishes were not recorded. And, she was so young. It just goes to show you, it is never too early to make plans to share your final wishes. Roger, it sounds like your system could have saved that family a lot of grief.(Name withheld because this was a statement after our interview, not an endorsement by his station)., Radio Host, Green Bay, WI

Warning: Do NOT buy any book, system or program for conveying information about your wishes and your estate unless it meets the following FOUR criteria:

There are a lot of “half-baked” products out there. I want to give you four criteria you absolutely, positively must review before you commit time to working with any intergenerational communication system for end-of-life planning:

1) Thorough Checklists. Checklists that go beyond the needs of any individual, but by being thorough, you will be assured of addressing everything. There are checklists available everywhere, but none of them go into the depth that Here to Hereafter does.

2) Concise Storage. The optional PanaVu®Here to Hereafter storage system provides a place not only to record your information and wishes, but also provides a place to keep original documents. All in one convenient place. The alternative of simply using a common binder with add-in pockets may work for some people, but will generally encourage the goal of “keep-everything-in-one-place” mind-set.

3) Immediate Access. Can your family get to the information immediately. Some programmers have developed clever online systems. But, think of the scenario where someone has to know where you stored this computer file on line and then print it. And, on a computer, there is no accommodation for storing your original documents in a logical and organized fashion.

4) Security Over Your Information.There is a trade-off between having the information easily available and invasion of your privacy. If you purchase the binder, the Here to Hereafter system allows you to sign your name on a sealing tab. While the seal will not prevent someone from getting into your information, you will certainly know that your privacy has been violated.
You easily get more than your money’s worth, and your family gets even more than that —

You can obtain this valuable system by simply downloading it directly to your computer. Print the forms on your own printer and in five minutes you are ready to start recording everything your family will need to know. If you are not in a position to download your own pages and print them immediately, you have the option of receiving a fully-printed version for only $10.00 more (including shipping). Just indicate your choice in the order system below.

In summary, here’s what you get for your $97.00:

From Here to Hereafter: Everything My Family Needs to Know
is a planning and document system that will organize answers to every question your family will have about the intentions and affairs of a family member who has died, or who is not capable of conveying his or her wishes.

The system can be purchased with a patented PanaVu® binder that allows you to complete our checklist as well as include important original documents or copies of documents for immediate access at the time of need. This means you don’t just check the box stating that you have a Healthcare Power of Attorney you actually enclose a copy of it. In this example, it would all be together in Section 2: Medical. All your information about this topic is in one place:

Our system has ten pre-established categories plus two for any others you may choose. Ours include:


The Here to Hereafter system is extremely thorough and it suggests a huge range of things to consider. Obviously, not everyone owns an airplane or even an an IRA, but there are spaces to provide information about everything a family will need to know — even if some spaces are intentionally left blank.

There is no more complete system available today.

You can’t lose with our 100%
ironclad, money back guarantee!

Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can’t-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked, iron-clad money back guarantee. If for any reason, you aren’t satisfied with our system, just contact us within six months and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. No hard feelings.

What I’m saying is, don’t try to decide now if this system is for you. Just get it and try it out.

If it doesn’t do everything I say and more,
If you don’t think it provided you with many helpful questions you might not have otherwise thought about,
If you do not think it will save your family anxiety and frustration at a time when you are not available to communicate with them,
Even if you just don’t think it works for you …

Do not worry because you can get every dime of your money back under our no-loopholes guarantee. We’ll even eat the shipping cost.

So, you have nothing to lose and lots of peace of mind to gain.
Here’s how to order and have your information delivered right now!

To order

From Here to Hereafter: Everything My Family Needs to Know just click one of the buttons below. You have three choices:

Click below to order the pages with the PanaVu® ORGANIZING BINDER for $97.00 which includes tabs for each section and a supply of security labels (you will download your pages right now so you can get started and we will mail your binder separately).

Or, click below to order the PRE-PRINTED SYSTEM, collated and assembled for $10.00 more. That’s the pages, binder, section tabs and security labels. With this you avoid the effort of printing and assembling the pages into the ten sections. Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Planner Press.

To your family’s success and peace of mind,

Roger McManus

P.S. Please don’t wait. Don’t put yourself in the position of wishing you had acted when you were thinking about it.

P.P.S. Be assured we will not sell, rent or lease your name to anyone else. Ever.

P.P.P.S. There is really no reason to wait. With our full-satisfaction guarantee, you risk nothing.

P.P.P.P.S. I ‘tested’ the system with my own widowed mother. I was surprised and thrilled when she thanked me! She had wanted to let me know lots of this information, but did not know how to bring it up or convey her feelings.

P.P.P.P.P.S. Use the free bonus article I will send you to know exactly how to start the conversation with your parents (or children). You may be surprised!